Sonja Looses her Holiday Suitcase!

A Woman with Fit Body

“No not a disaster, but the best thing that ever happened to me!”

After three months she had lost 10kg, and continuing the hard work with HYPOXI, Vacunaut lost another 15 kg to reach her pre-baby weight. Now she maintains her new trim figure by keeping food portions in check and two or three times a year follows another course of HYPOXI, and has even persuaded her husband to sign up!

From Apple to Hourglass – Sasha

Before and After Photos

“Eating for two” during her first pregnancy and a second pregnancy, added to an already overweight body left Sasha with an apple shape, with weight accumulating around her midsection. “I know what it feels like to be the chubby girl, that feeling of hopelessness when you look in the mirror and realise NONE of your clothes fit!”

To date Sasha has lost 15.6kg and a total of 65.6 cm from her waist, stomach and hip area. She has more energy and has reshaped her body back to its hourglass figure.

No More Yoyo for Lorraine!

Hypoxi Weight Loss Results

After years of yoyo dieting and having tried every diet available, and with a passionate dislike of gyms, Lorraine signed up and, together with managing her food intake, lost an amazing 30kgs!

The Dubai Municipality’s “Your Weight in Gold” initiative spurred me on to reach my target and on 1st September I weighed 72.2kg – a loss of 30kgs – and am due to receive 35 grams of gold!!”

HYPOXI is now part of her life, and Lorraine maintains her newly trimmed and toned body by regular visits to her coach, and enjoys shopping for clothes, rather than having to buy “whatever fits”!

“Stick to the rules with HYPOXI! It WORKS!” says a very happy Lorraine.

Gavin squeezes his time and his figure!

Guy with a Healthy Body


“Running your own business takes a lot of time and involves long work days, corporate entertaining and socializing and golf! (Well that’s business and pleasure!)”, says Gavin. “I had to find a way of keeping fit and keeping my body toned and the weight off! Thank goodness I found HYPOXI to help”

“Time is of the essence with me, and I have found the perfect fast, functional and effective exercise program around. Thanks to the professional coaches who make it fun as well.”

Steve – Constructing His New Body

Stout Man Who Lost Weight

Arriving here at 108KG, he started his personal re-construction project.

“At first I was very sceptical, as it seemed too easy!” He enjoyed the HYPOXI Vacunaut sessions and the friendly support and encouragement from the team, and is now close to his 80 Kg goal.

His busy work schedule doesn’t allow time for personal training and exercise but he uses his treadmill at home everyday.