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The S120 combines the positive effects of 3 highly effective therapies in one device, fat burning training, positive pressure and negative pressure. Exercise is the key element of this treatment, as direct fat burning is not possible without some form of physical activity. Negative pressure (vacuum therapy) draws the blood in the dermal and fatty tissue, increasing the supply of nutrients to the area. The positive pressure (compression therapy) encourages the transport of toxins and fluids away from the tissue. This action relives and supports veins and lymph vessels.

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Training in the L250 occurs in a comfortable lying position facilitating moderate fat burning training, irrespective of body weight or fitness level. The constant alternating between negative pressure and normal pressure during the treatment has the effect of increasing circulation to the targeted lower region. Due to the lying position and the upward pedalling action, the earth’s gravity assists to drain fluids and transport fatty acids away from the legs, naturally and healthily.

HYPOXI Vacunaut

The Vacunaut and pressure suit combination is the most effective way to for treating the abdomen and stomach. The technology and software responsible for creating the pressure phases throughout the treatment are located inside the Vacunaut column. The alternating pressure is applied to the client while wearing the pressure suit connected to Vacunaut via a system of hoses.

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The HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort is a contemporary health and lifestyle product. By applying unique vacuum technology, the HDC treatment can activate the lymphatic system, release toxins, stimulate circulation and improves the skin’s tone and texture. A passive treatment, the HD Comfort lounger can be used as a stand-alone treatment or  in conjunction with any of the other Hypoxi training devices to supercharge results!

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Metabolic Analyser

The metabolism assessment with the HYPOXI Metabolic Analyser is done by examining the client’s breathing. The analyser finds out your individual energy requirements and the efficiency of your metabolism by measuring the relation between the carbon dioxide one breathes out and the oxygen one breathes in. It calculates values based on frequencies, volume and compositions of breathing gases. The procedure is based on the principle of indirect calometry and is scientifically recognised.